The Most Popular Samsung Galaxy S10 | Next Generation Smartphone‎ | Best Review

The Most Popular Samsung Galaxy S10 | Next Generation Smartphone‎ | Best Review

 Best Popular Gadgets Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S10 Plus Price, Specifications, And Review

The most  Popular Gadgets awaited smartphone of 2019, Samsung S10 plus finally arrives. After the success of Galaxy S9 and Note 9, the expectations from Samsung Galaxy S10 are very high.

The all new Samsung Galaxy S10 arrive in 3 versions, galaxy s10e, galaxy s10, And galaxy s10plus. And all three versions are impressive in their own terms.

Samsung has been always known for its great camera quality just after the launch of S10 plus this Smartphone can be kept in the category of one of the best camera Smartphone of 2019.

The basic problem with Samsung has been its pricing, in some aspects, some Smartphone seems to be overpriced due to Samsung’s branding. The same issue can be raised for Galaxy s10 plus but how this phone will justify its pricing that will be an interesting part to look upon.

Specifications of Samsung Popular Gadgets Galaxy S10 plus will play an essential role in price justification also it will be an important part for sales and consumers attractions. Let’s look into it.


The smartphone looks damn beautiful at just first look; the first impression of Galaxy S10 plus was really impactful as the phone was successful to become the eye catchy at just first look.

Samsung is always known to design great looking smartphones and Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a live example of that.

The phone looks big, slim and fits perfectly on the hands. S10 plus is loaded with many features including great software’s and hardware’s, despite having so much the phone just looks quite hustle free and simple.

The front just looks flawless as the bezel-less screen looks amazing with Infinity U designed to display. Samsung S10+ doesn’t come with notch screen as the dual front camera lenses have been placed at the top right submerging into the screen.

The rear part looks quite simple yet attractive, the triple camera lenses have been placed in a horizontal line followed by the LED flashlight at the top and Samsung branding at the center of the rear.

Overall S10+ has been designed really well and just by having a look at S10+ one can define that this phone is something else.


With having a big price tag the phone also has a big screen of 6.4 Inch and having a resolution of 1440 x 3040 which is massive. The phone will reflect a bold and violent image with its screen.

The display type of all new dynamic AMOLED capacitive touch screens which give surely give an amazing experience to watch High Definition movies & TV shows at highest resolutions.

After watching configuration Samsung S9 it was obvious for Samsung to promote the display and its features and Samsung done exactly that.

Overall the display portion is very good, Samsung has given their special attention to make a display like never before and also succeed in certain aspects.

The camera of Samsung Galaxy S10plus is the main highlight as the rear portion has a 3 camera and front one has dual. Galaxy S10Plus is the first smartphone in the segment to have these configurations of cameras.

The behind camera comes with triple capturing lenses of 16 Mega-pixels + 12 Mega-pixels + 12 Mega-pixels which is insane. Samsung is always for great camera phones and with having these camera pairing we hope that Samsung Galaxy S10+ will Be Of Use top camera smartphones of 2019.

Overall the camera is brilliant and the sample pictures showed by Samsung are looking great and we can’t wait to use the camera of this smartphone.

S10+ is indeed a fast performing smartphone as speed also plays a very necessary role in a flagship smartphone.

Galaxy S10+ has very stable configurations which will make the smartphone fast and stable at the same time. With a processor of 2 x 2.73GHz Octa core, the phone is ready to perform all fast task.

The smartphone comes with the latest O.S which is Android 9.0 Pie with One UI which is again a plus point in the performance of the phone. The GPU which plays a simple important supporting role in performance is given to be Mali-G76 MP12.

Overall the performance of the Galaxy S10+ is very stable and the phone works fast. A cooling system is finding a missing factor here because this kind of configuration will surely require a cooling system to avoid overheating.

Battery and other specifications
Now the battery is again an important highlight for the smartphone because Samsung Galaxy S10+ comes with a battery of 4100mAH with fast battery charging at 15W.


Price justification is an issue for Popular Gadgets Samsung Galaxy S10+ because this kind of specification can be seen in lower price tags soon, especially in OnePlus 7.

Galaxy S10+ is highly recommended if you are found of great camera and design phones and if you can easily afford it. This phone will surely add on to one’s personality

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